Jane Fine Food offers good quality cuisine, cooked freshly to order.

The aim is to combine flavours and textures from all over the world, to create a relaxed and enjoyable time for you and your guests. Each and every menu is put together with your interests at heart, from more traditional styles of cookery to Asian influenced menus.

All items are hand made using the best seasonal ingredients obtainable.

[ Origin of meat and poultry: Chicken CH, Guinea Fowl FR, Lamb AUS, Beef Fillet AUS, Beef Entrecôte ARG or CH, Minced Beef CH ]

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These menus are just a small taste of what Jane Fine Food has on offer. 
Please contact Jane in person for more information and personalised menus.


As a rule, the first offer is usually free of charge. If the client wishes a second more detailed offer and a contract or agreement is not reached, then Jane Fine Food has the right to send a bill for the extra costs incurred whilst writing this offer.

Quotes and Prices

All of our internet site, printed material or quoted prices are in CHF and are pick up prices only without the legally binding MWST., except if otherwise quoted.

Confirmation of Order

A job request with Jane Fine Food can be in writing or word of mouth. Word of mouth requests will be confirmed in writing. If there has been no discrepancy within three working days from the written confirmation then the job request is confirmed and binding.


Jane Fine Food is bound by the agreement to deliver solid expertise. Jane Fine Food is bound to deliver at the agreed time and place of the function, her best and qualitative work to the standard wished by the client. The choice of food and drinks will be carried out in efficient and faultless manner.


  • sit down brunch/lunch/dinner from 4 to 35 guests
  • buffet brunch/lunch/dinner from 12 to 50 guests
  • aperitif for up to 150 guests
  • lunch delivery from 4 guests
  • pre ordered sauces, sweet chilli sauce, dressings, marinades, pepper/spice mixes 
  • gift bags filled with mini biscuits, brownies and slices


CHF 95.– per hour (after 23:00 CHF 110.– per hour)

Service staff
CHF 40.– per hour (after 23:00 CHF 55.– per hour)
Staff costs are calculated for the hours worked at the venue on the night/day of the event.

Delivery Costs

  • Delivery within Zürich: free of charge
  • Pick up in Zürich: free of charge
  • Delivery outside Zürich: CHF 0.95 / km
  • Pick up outside Zürich: CHF 0.95 / km

Special transport is charged as required.


  • Staff until 11p.m.: CHF 40.--/hour.
  • Staff from 11p.m.: CHF 55.--/hour.
  • Head of Catering until 11p.m.: CHF 95.--/hour.
  • Head of Catering from 11p.m.: CHF 110.--/hour.

The working time for the staff is calculated from and to the function including the set and break down of the event.

Rental Material

The client may only use the rented equipment in the manner that it was agreed upon and rented for and in the place where the function is held. The cleaning of the rented material is included within the rental cost. The return of the rented material is counted and any breakage or damage will be billed for a new cost price. Any cost incurred from repairs will also be added to the bill.


The following costs will apply by the cancellation of a confirmed event:

  • Six to two days before the event: 50% of the confirmed price.
  • Less than two days before the confirmed event: 100% of the costs will be charged.

Payment and MWST

Your bill must be paid within ten days of the billing address. All prices are without MWST.


The final number of guests attending your function must be declared at least two days in advance of your event, unless otherwise agreed. Even if the agreed amount of guests drop you will still be billed for the declared amount of guests.